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Level 3 Model Kit Supermarine Seafire F.XVII Fighter Aircraft with 3 Scheme Options 1/48 Plastic Model Kit by Airfix


Product Description

  • Brand new plastic model kit of Supermarine Seafire F.XVII Fighter Aircraft with 3 Scheme Options (Level 3) 1/48 plastic model kit by Airfix.
  • Brand new box.
  • Vintage style packaging.
  • Officially licensed product.
  • Contains 134 detailed parts.
  • Does NOT include display stand.
  • Paint and cement required (not included).
  • Manufacturer's original unopened packaging.
  • Parts molded in Light Gray, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Includes decals to design the plane in 3 different schemes.
  • Dimensions approximately L-8.25, W-9.25 inches assembled.
    The Supermarine Seafire F.XVII was a carrier-based fighter aircraft developed from the iconic Spitfire. It served primarily with the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm during and after World War II. The Seafire F.XVII variant was based on the Spitfire Mk.XVI and featured modifications for naval operations, including a strengthened airframe, arrestor hook, and folding wings for storage aboard aircraft carriers.
    During World War II, the Seafire F.XVII saw action in various theaters, including the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Pacific. It provided vital air cover for convoys, escorted naval vessels, and conducted ground attack missions against enemy targets. In the Pacific Theater, Seafires operated from British carriers, supporting Allied naval operations against Japanese forces. Their agility, firepower, and adaptability made them effective in air-to-air combat and ground attack roles, contributing to the success of Allied campaigns in the region.
    Following World War II, the Seafire F.XVII continued to serve with the Royal Navy and other naval air arms into the postwar era. It played a role in conflicts such as the Korean War, where it provided close air support to United Nations forces and conducted combat air patrols over the Korean Peninsula. The Seafire's robust design and proven performance ensured its longevity in service, even as newer jet-powered aircraft entered the naval aviation inventory.
    This 1:48 scale model offers enthusiasts and collectors a chance to own a detailed replica of this historic naval fighter. With its accurate portrayal of the aircraft's distinctive features, including its elliptical wings, retractable landing gear, and tail hook, this model captures the essence of the Seafire's elegant and functional design. Whether displayed on a shelf, desk, or in a diorama depicting naval aviation history, the Seafire model serves as a tribute to the bravery of the pilots who flew these iconic aircraft in defense of freedom and maritime security.


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