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Lockheed F-16C Fighting Falcon Fighter Aircraft "What If? Scheme" Ukrainian Air Force "Air Power Series" 1/72 Diecast Model by Hobby Master


Product Description

  • Brand new 1/72 scale diecast model of Lockheed F-16C Fighting Falcon Fighter Aircraft "What If? Scheme" Ukrainian Air Force "Air Power Series" die cast model by Hobby Master.
  • Brand new box.
  • Detailed exterior.
  • True-to-scale detail.
  • Has opening canopy.
  • Includes display stand.
  • Officially licensed product.
  • Includes missile accessories.
  • Manufacturer's original unopened packaging.
  • Dimensions approximately Length- 8.25, Wingspan- 5.25 inches.
  • Diecast metal and plastic construction for durability and a heavy, realistic feel.
  • It is a highly detailed and accurate model, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of military history.
  • Realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels, and surface details for an authentic representation of the real-life airplane.

The F-16C Fighting Falcon, commonly referred to as the "Viper" by its pilots, is a multirole fighter aircraft developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force. It has been a cornerstone of U.S. airpower since its introduction in the late 1970s. The F-16C variant features advanced avionics, improved radar systems, and upgraded engines, making it a versatile and formidable aircraft in both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat roles.
Throughout its service, the F-16C has participated in numerous conflicts and operations, showcasing its adaptability and effectiveness. During Operation Desert Storm in 1991, F-16Cs flew countless sorties, providing air superiority, close air support, and precision strikes against Iraqi targets. Their capability to operate in diverse environments and engage a variety of targets made them invaluable. The F-16C's performance in the Gulf War solidified its reputation as a reliable and lethal aircraft.
In subsequent years, the F-16C continued to play a critical role in various military engagements, including the Balkans in the late 1990s, the Afghanistan War starting in 2001, and the Iraq War beginning in 2003. Its versatility allowed it to adapt to evolving combat scenarios, from engaging enemy fighters to performing reconnaissance missions and delivering precision-guided munitions. The aircraft's ongoing upgrades and modifications have ensured it remains a vital component of the U.S. Air Force and allied air forces around the world.
This 1:72 scale model is a unique and imaginative take on this legendary aircraft. Featuring an alternative livery that explores hypothetical scenarios, this replica captures the essence of the F-16C's versatility and enduring appeal. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts, it combines historical significance with creative flair, making it a standout addition to any collection.

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