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Engine Chevy Big Block L89 Tri-Power “Turbo Jet” 427 1/6 by Liberty Classics


Product Description

  • Authentic reproduction of the “Turbo Jet” 427 cubic inch displacement, 435 horsepower engine that was introduced in the late 1960’s.
  • Plated air cleaner can be removed via turning out a miniature wing nut to reveal three highly detailed Holley carburetors, fuel lines, and hoses.
  • Factory part numbers are on the major components. These numbers have been matched for authenticity to the model and the year.
  • Starter motor gear drives the flywheel gear which turns the crankshaft, pulleys, pulley belts, fan and alternator.
  • High performance ignition system with:
  • Plated ignition shield.
  • Full ignition wiring.
  • Plated valve covers.
  • Approximate dimensions: L-6, H-6, W-6 inches.

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